ReproLogix™ is a full-service cattle and small ruminant reproduction company headquartered in Fort Scott, KS. Our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality services at competitive prices. We combine our knowledge and expertise in reproductive physiology with state-of-the-art equipment and technologies to maximize the reproductive performance of our clients’ cattle, horses, deer, sheep and goats.

Founded by cattlemen, we also understand the importance of outstanding customer service to the success of not only our business, but to the success of our clients’ operations. That’s why our entire team is committed to providing open, honest communication with our customers at all times. We know that even the best technologies are useless if they aren’t used appropriately, so we take the time to listen to each client and tailor our services to fit his/her specific needs.

ReproLogix™ is the logical choice when you want cutting-edge reproductive technologies and the best customer service in the industry.

Dr. Drew Crisler, DVM

Before he became Dr. Drew, our veterinarian loved spending time on his family’s farming and dairy operations. His interest in animals and agriculture spurred him to complete a bachelor’s degree in Animal Sciences & Industry – Production/Management at K-State University. During his studies, Dr. Drew became captivated by the field of reproductive biology and decided to pursue a career as a veterinarian specializing in reproduction. After finishing vet school at K-State, he spent six years practicing at Jernigan Veterinary Clinics. During this time, Dr. Drew was trained in equine reproductive techniques and honed his cattle AI and palpation skills. In 2017, Dr. Drew and his family moved to his wife’s hometown to further develop his embryology skills at ReproLogix™. Dr. Drew provides the highest quality veterinary care and reproductive services for our clients' animals. His patience and knowledge allow him to work easily with coworkers and customers, explaining even the most technical procedures in a way that’s easy to understand. When he’s not busy staffing ReproLogix™ and Fort Scott Veterinary Center, Dr. Drew enjoys spending time outdoors with his wife, Janet, and four kids. 

Growing up, Shane spent countless hours working sheep and goats amidst the pump jacks and mesquites of western Texas. An avid outdoorsman, he dreamed of a career that would allow him to combine his interest in livestock production with his passion for wildlife. Heading to Texas A&M University, he earned a bachelor’s degree in Wildlife and Fisheries Management and a master’s degree in Physiology of Reproduction. During his academic career, he researched reproduction, growth traits and seasonality of cattle and deer. For the next two years, he worked as the donor manager for Stroud Veterinary and Embryo Services where he trained under renowned embryologist, Dr. Brad Stroud. Shane then joined the Hoofstock Genetics team where he worked as an embryo technician for nearly 4,000 bovine OPUs, 300 small ruminant aspirations, 1,000 donor flushes and 6,000 embryo transfers. Shane joined our ReproLogix™ family in 2017, bringing with him a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Shane is always striving to keep us on the cutting edge of reproductive technologies. Outside of his career, Shane enjoys hunting and fishing with his wife, Andrea, and their two kids.

Shane Morgan, Embryologist
Jake Costlow, Embryologist

In high school, Jake had the opportunity to work for a progressive cattleman who introduced him to the world of bovine embryology at Champion Genetics. Jake was fascinated by the reproductive techniques and the science behind it, and he quickly made it his goal to become an embryologist. Jake took the first step to achieving that goal by obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science from Tarleton State University (TSU). He then pursued a master’s degree in Agricultural and Consumer Sciences at TSU while simultaneously beginning a career as a laboratory technician at a commercial embryo transfer and IVF facility. After mastering the laboratory skills required to successfully operate an embryo lab, he progressed to learning the field techniques of artificial insemination, conventional embryo flushing, embryo transfer, ovum pick-up and estrus synchronization. In 2017, Jake achieved his childhood goal of becoming an embryologist when he joined our ReproLogix™ team. Throughout his journey, Jake has developed relationships with some of the top cattle producers across the nation. He is committed to continually forging these strong client relationships as he knows they are vital to the success of reproductive programs throughout our industry. Jake enjoys spending time with his college sweetheart and wife, Kelsie, as well as hunting and fishing. 

Paula Schwarz, along with her husband Kurt and children Parker, Sutton, and Grayson, operate Three Fires Cattle Company in LaCygne, KS. They have been raising, selling, and showing cattle on the local, state, and national levels. They have been customers of ReproLogix since 2017, and have been heavily utilizing embryo programs for over 20 years to advance their herd. Paula attended Fort Scott Community College, where she was a member of the livestock judging team. After her time at Fort Scott, Paula continued her education and livestock judging career at Kansas State University, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Animal Science. Paula is excited to educate cattlemen about the options to achieve their goals through reproductive opportunities.

Paula Schwarz, Sales and Marketing

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