Weaned Calf Program

Convenience is the name of the game when it comes to our weaned calf program. We transfer your bovine embryos into a recipient cow and you get the resulting calves at weaning. It really is that simple.



Understanding the Weaned Calf Program


Our trained staff handles the synchronization, heat detection and transfer of client embryos into our recipient cows. Following the embryo transfer, cows are verified pregnant by sonogram at approximately 21 days post-transfer and again at around 90 days of pregnancy. At this time, fetal sex can also be determined if desired. The pregnant cows are then maintained under the watchful care of our experienced herdsmen on our 3,000-acre facility. The cows are calved at our facility and the calves are nursed and reared by their recipient dams until weaning. At this time, calf possession is transferred to the customer. 



Advantages of the Weaned Calf Program


Convenience: Since we handle all of the legwork from synchronization and embryo transfer through calving and weaning, our weaned program provides our customers with a convenient way to produce ET and IVF calves. Rather than worrying about sourcing quality recipients or wondering if there’s enough pasture to support a recipient herd in addition to the donors and AI cows, our clients can sit back, relax and leave the job to us.


Cow quality: We know that pregnancy rates in the recipient herd are greatly influenced by the quality and condition of the cows in the herd. That’s why we are committed to sourcing only high-quality, healthy, multiparous cows for our weaned calf program. Each cow undergoes a thorough reproductive soundness exam, receives standard vaccinations and is screened for Neospora and Johnnes prior to entering the program.


Animal care: Our herdsmen are experienced cattle managers. They are dedicated to ensuring our cows are maintained in appropriate body condition and optimal health to produce and raise healthy calves for our customers. Our team also provides close monitoring of cows during calving so that assistance can be provided as needed. Calves are checked daily and are promptly treated should any illness or injury arise. Our on-site veterinarian is available should his advanced expertise be required.


Important Considerations for the Weaned Calf Program


Calf loss: Like any cattle operation, there is always the risk of a cow sloughing a pregnancy or a calf not surviving until weaning. To help reduce the financial impact of these unfortunate situations, we have designed an installment-based payment structure for our weaned calf program. The first payment is made once a viable pregnancy is confirmed at 90 days of gestation. The second payment is due when a live calf is born. The final payment is made prior to the calf’s release to the owner after weaning.


Cost: The cost of purchasing a calf through our weaned calf program fluctuates with the cattle market. Please contact us for current pricing and availability. Please note that the embryo transfer and fetal sexing (if desired) are ancillary charges at our standard rates. To view these rates, please click here.


Ready to take advantage of the convenience of our weaned calf program? Call us today to inquire about pricing and availability and let us put our unbeatable customer service to work for you!