Conventional Embryo Transfer (ET):

$200/donor + daily board + drugs










In-Clinic Donor Management

(Pre-Stim Exam, Superovulation,

2 laparoscopic breedings)

Embryo Collection

In-clinic or on-farm

Satellite location

Embryo Transfer

(Fresh, DT frozen)

(Frozen glycerol, Vitrified)

Embryo Freeze

2 embryos per straw

1 embryo per straw

Donor Laparoscopic AI for ET

(2 breedings)

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF):

$100/donor + daily board + drugs













$150/incubator + cost of shipping

In-Clinic Donor Management

(Pre-Stim Exam, Stimulation Setup)

Oocyte Aspiration


On-farm or satellite location

Conventional Semen Fertilization

Reverse-Sorted Semen Fertilization

Additional Fertilization Fee

Embryo Production

(Per mating per aspiration)

   Embryos 1-10

   Embryos 11+

Embryo Transfer

(Fresh, DT frozen)

(Frozen glycerol)

Embryo Transfer w/ Lab Fee

(Loading and fresh transfer of embryos shipped from another lab)

Embryo Freeze

2 embryos per straw

1 embryo per straw

Incubator Rental

Additional Services:

In-Clinic Enrollment Fee

Laparoscopic AI

   1-20 head

   21-75 head

   75+ head


Semen Collection

Semen Freezing

Elk AI

Daily Board

50 Day Bred Recipients

(Confirmed bred at 42-50 days. Must be picked up and paid in full within 10 days of invoice.)





Call for pricing



$5/straw (minimum $50)




($75 deposit required when recips requested, $50 Chute Fee)


Travel Fees:


Mobile Lab Fee

Overnight Fee

$2.00/mile ($20 min, $750 max)


$150/night per person

Billing Fees:

$100/donor (applies to all programs)


$25/shipment + shipping costs

Partnership/Billing Enrollment Fee

Re-Bill Processing Fee

Handling Fee

Shipping semen/embryos

Additional fees for imports and exports of embryos, pricing depends on locations.